My hooker romance.


The Real Girlfriend Experience  


It began with an awkward phone call: "Would you like to, um, go bowling with me?"
"Go what?"
"Go... uh... bowling. Would you like to bowl with me? I'll pay for everything, of course."
"You just want to go bowling?" She was incredulous.
"Kind of like a sweet, you know, all-American date," I said, a nervous cramp in my chest..
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Freaky tales from Florida ’s last sexual surrogate.


Sexual Healing

  Sexual Healing cover

Part of him wanted to lay her down on the bed and hold her and make passionate love to her the way they do in romantic movies. Part of him wanted to get his clothes on and get out of there as fast as possible. And never look back. And never discuss this moment. Ever. [Full Story]



Try as it might, Florida can’t shake some diehard seasonal partiers.

Spring Break Is Still Decadent and Depraved—and Awesome, Dude

Spring Break Woo.

Kacey was blue. Not because someone had just awakened him. Not because it was 4 in the afternoon, and he was naked and confused. No, he was literally the color blue. His friends had drawn on his entire body with a blue Sharpie. [Full Story]


Sweet Dreams and Hand Sanitizer 



Written for the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference 2006.


At a more respectable establishment these women might be called exotic dancers or cabaret stars or even burlesque artists. But at Stiletto’s, where the beer is cheap and the neon “open” sign crackles through the hot summer days and deep into the night, they are strippers. [Full Story]